Get to know INSTALASH!

How do we perceive the INSTALASH brand identity?

INSTALASH is an ambitious woman in her early 30s. Open, smiling, with an intelligent sense of humour. With a slightly youthful appearance.

Sometimes she can be a bit crazy. Addresses everyone with respect. Everyone would say about her “a really nice girl, although she stands out in the crowd”.

She actively cares about her beauty and health and does not compromise on this subject, as she says herself, she is not going to choose between health and beauty, she wants both! She is non-confrontational but can be firm. She has power within herself. She is brave and often tries new things. She simply loves life!

She is responsible. She gets involved in society and helps others. She cares about ecology and animal rights. She is an ambassador for a healthy lifestyle, often reminding other girls about disease prevention and regular check-ups. She rides a Dutch bicycle to work and carries her shopping in a fashionable fabric bag.


She is really pretty although with an unusual type of beauty. She has a girlish, delicate face. As she says, she is prone to irritation and allergies, although it doesn’t show.

She’s not perfect. She has her slip-ups and problems. Sometimes she gets carried away with shopping, drops a jar, cries for no reason or burns her healthy dinner. All of this is what makes her so amazing and wonderful! It’s just impossible not to like her. Maybe that’s why she shortens the distance and speaks to everyone by name.

Ps – INSTALASH prefers to unite, not divide, that’s why she avoids touchy subjects like politics.


By creating a high quality cosmetics, we help women take care of their Health and Beauty.

INSTALASH Motto (Brand positioning)

Healthy Glow!

Where do we operate?

We are a cosmetics manufacturer operating throughout the European Union and beyond. Our company is well established – renowned for its responsibility and high quality products. Our cosmetics are appreciated in Middle Eastern countries, where the setting of women’s eyes is often the most important (and the only visible) aspect of a woman’s appearance. It fills us with pride that such demanding customers reach for our eyelash and eyebrow cosmetics on a daily basis.



  •  For the Health and Beautiful Appearance of our Clients.
  • For the high quality of our products.
  • For the natural environment.
  • For our environment (CSR).
  • For employees.


  •  for everyone, regardless of their views or attitudes.


  • We set ambitious goals for ourselves and persistently strive to achieve them.
  • We never rest on our laurels.


  • We are constantly looking for new and better solutions.
  • We show creativity.


  • We always approach things with a smile, after all, we look the most beautiful with it!
  • We try to infect others with our positive attitude.