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Do you want to repeat our success?

Are you fulfilling your dream of having your own line of cosmetics or supplements?
Your goal is to create your own line of private label cosmetics or supplements?

INSTALASH can help!


Running a company and organizing sales is challenging enough for our clients, so the simpler and shorter the message the better.

That is why we try to relieve our Clients and do as much as possible for them, instead of charging them with the search for graphic designers, lawyers, laboratories and other institutions necessary for the launch of such products.

All you need is an idea and commitment, INSTALASH will do the rest

We offer the lowest minimum production quantities on the market – starting from 10 000 pieces.

Production time starting from 8 weeks.



Are you an influencer, have at least 50k followers and an engaged audience?

Create your own cosmetics together with INSTALASH.


Why is it worth trying?

Because we will bear all the costs connected with production, research and we will introduce cosmetics to retail and wholesale.

You, on the other hand, will continue doing what you are already doing so brilliantly, i.e. activities in the media.

Each of the parties will do what they know best, and this is a simple way to joint success.


Contract manufacturing for other companies

Private Label or Private Brand –
Tell us your vision of how you want your product to look like and we will create your cosmetic line especially for you.

All you need is an idea and commitment, INSTALASH will do the rest.

We offer the lowest minimum production quantities on the market – from 10000 pieces.

Turnaround time starts from 8 weeks.


Many companies only prepare the product itself.

The customer has to develop the packaging, check the regulations, commission research and rely solely on his own knowledge from the internet to market his cosmetic.

Customer has to deal with many new fields, from colour psychology in graphics to certificates and law. If you outsource any of these elements to external specialists, you will have to pay additional costs running into thousands of zlotys.

We take care of everything for you. We provide you with a finished
product that meets all legal requirements and can be placed on the European market.

You do not have to worry about research or registration with CPNP (Cosmetics Products Notification Portal) because we can provide everything.

We create cosmetics and dietary supplements from the very beginning, i.e. from the concept through the formula, description of the scope of action, selection of an appropriate form, purchase of raw materials, production, research, name and packaging design.

Packaging is not only design, but also law. With us you will be guided by the hand through standards and procedures. Relying on our experience, you get certainty, help in shaping your concept and avoid costly mistakes and oversights.

Remember that we have walked this path with our brand.


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    Whatever cosmetic idea you have, a make-up product or white cosmetics, contact us –

    we’ll give you the best offer.

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