Our Civic Duty - INSTALASH we serve the community

The INSTALASH brand is RESPONSIBLE, we fulfill our civic duty

Our Civic Duty – we serve more than just our customers; we serve our community. We take responsibility not only for the products we create, or the satisfaction of our customers. We remember about our responsibility for the environment or the community in which we operate.

We are aware that even the smallest help and involvement in a good purpose counts. We encourage you to get involved in charity work as often as possible. Fulfill our Civil Duty with us.  Your help makes a huge difference!

What do we do?


We pack orders in recycled cardboard boxes, filled only with environmentally friendly natural shavings. We tape everything with paper tape.  Our flyers and business cards are printed on recycled paper, which we liked so much that we use it for all our documents.  We adapt our product packaging to be environmentally friendly and as biodegradable as possible.

We run social campaigns promoting care for the natural environment.


Our product packaging proudly states “Tested on us, not on animals”. No animals suffer during the production of our cosmetics.  What’s more, we run social campaigns spreading help to the smallest and defenseless.


“Healthy Glow” does not exist without caring about health!

Following our brand slogan, we regularly donate to charitable organizations and organize charity events.

We support international prevention events RACE FOR THE CURE, donate free products to charities, and organize makeup and beauty shows for women, where we discuss how to regenerate and makeup eyelashes and eyebrows during chemotherapy.

We share what we as INSTALASH know how to do best, and meet wonderful and strong women! While taking a moment of your attention, we remind all women about preventive checkups – make yourself a gift and make sure everything is fine with your health 💖.


We are working to adapt the packaging of our products to the needs of people with limited manual skills, including the elderly and disabled.

We have made improvements to our website for the visually impaired (contrast version) and adapted it in line with the idea of accessibility (certificate “Service without barriers”).


We promote Poland and products from our country in the international arena.  On our products we use the slogan “Proudly made in Poland” and we use the mark “Marka Polskiej Gospodarki”( The Mark of the Polish Economy – Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology – Gov.pl portal (www.gov.pl).