Europe's largest trade fair behind us - INSTALASH

Europe’s largest trade fair behind us

17 May 2022


In May you could meet us at the largest trade fair in Europe. The number of people who visited our booth exceeded our wildest expectations.

Thank you for such a great interest in functional and safe(!) cosmetics. We see that there are more and more supporters of a safe approach to beauty. For us, this is especially important, which is why we do not use any ingredients in our cosmetics that are notorious or may cause side effects, such as Bimatoprost, so readily used in other eyelash conditioners.

Your awareness is growing, and our motto “Healthy Glow” is spreading even more vigorously the trend of caring for a beautiful appearance, with health in mind, not at its expense.

And in October. we see you again at the trade fair in Dubai! 🙂

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