Double-sided cleansing brush for sensitive skin


A brush for acne-prone or blackheaded skin and for vascular skin, ideal for use with INSTALASH products.




Brush for acne-prone or blackheaded skin and for vascular skin

Brush for acne-prone or blackheaded skin and for vascular skin

With delicate, sensitive and acne-prone skin, the key is to wash the face very gently, using a brush with fine bristles. The brush will thoroughly cleanse the face of impurities and makeup in a gentle manner.

With acne-prone skin and vascular skin, the use of vibrating, electric sonic brushes is prohibited.

These brushes act as a strong mechanical scrub – even the most expensive ones irritate already sensitive acne or vascular skin.


For vascular skin, a vibrating electric brush can intensify broken capillaries and exacerbate erythema.

In the case of acne/comedonal skin, the brush spreads bacteria over healthy skin and damages the skin, destroying the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin. Bacteria spread over the face gets into micro-damage on the face, therefore intensifying acne symptoms.


Directions for use:

Use the first side of the brush – the fine bristles – on vascular skin and on skin with active signs of acne (red areas and red spots). On red spots – we do not use the massager (this applies to both red pimples and vascular skin).

The other side of the brush – the silicone massager – we use a maximum of once every 3 days on areas where there are closed blackheads (white, hard convex spots on the face) or closed whiteheads (black, flat dots – most common on the nose, but can also occur on other areas of the face – see photo).

The cleansing brush has concave and convex elements to effectively remove oil and dirt from pores.


How to use:

  • Wet the cleansing brush with clean water.
  • Apply LASH&FACE INSTALASH Foam to the wetted white hair of the brush.
  • Gently massage your face with the brush for 1-3 minutes. Make sure to massage the entire nose to remove excess oil and dirt and prevent blackheads.
  • Rinse your face to remove the cleanser.
  • Use the silicone side to gently massage areas with open or closed blackheads.