Fibre free eyelash eye pads for makeup, eyeshadow’s leftovers and eyeliner – 24 pcs





Self-adhesive eye pads for eye shadows are a product that makes applying make-up a lot easier.

  • Pads are multifunctional.
  • One of the functions is to protect the delicate skin area under the eyes, which is very difficult to clean, without damaging it.
  • You can also use it as a template to draw a perfect line with your eyeshadow or eyeliner.
  • Pads are perfectly shaped and fibre-free.
  • Gently sticks to the complexion without disturbing the sensitive skin under the eyes. They do not peel off the foundation.
  • The pads will significantly faciliate your work and reduce makeup application time by eliminating the tedious cleansing of skin impurities.

The self-adhesive pads are ideal for both professional and home use.

24 pcs. in package