Self adhesive stickers (templates) for eyebrow drawing – 40 pcs.





We all know how much our facial features change when we have perfectly defined eyebrows. The face gains character.

If you dream of a perfect eyebrow shape without any effort, our PERFECT BROWS templates are for you.

  • Apply the self-adhesive template, fill in with any product and you’re done!
  • No touch-ups or wiping off the overdrawn shape.
  • The stickers adhere perfectly to the skin, so you won’t go beyond the outline of your eyebrows when filling in the shape.
  • The templates help to shape the eyebrows.
  • With 10 different shapes available in the kit, you can easily choose an eyebrow shape to match the contours of your face and eye.
  • You can use any favourite product to style your eyebrows, such as pomade or shadow.
  • Templates are also helpful during depilation or when colouring eyebrows with henna. After colouring them in, the remaining hair growing out of shape can be removed.

The set includes 10 designs, each with 4 stickers – 40 stickers in total.